When preparing for a boat transport, the following steps should be taken prior to the US Boat and Transport truck’s arrival:

Powerboats or Sailboats:

  1. Everything below deck should be properly secured and stowed away. The boat travels smoother on the road than in the water, although sudden stops are sometimes inevitable.
  2. All canvas has to be removed, and properly stored away. Shrink wrap is not designed to travel over the road. WE ASSUME NO LIABILITY for damage to your boat if the wrap comes loose.
  3. Everything loose removed from the deck. Anchors stowed.
  4. All hatches and companionway secured and locked.
  5. When traveling through potentially cold weather, THE BOAT SHOULD BE WINTERIZED.
  6. If you are told to remove objects to reduce height, please ensure this is done, before the truck arrives.
  7. Please make sure bilges are dry. Try to get fuel down to a minimum and pump out fresh water and holding tanks. For larger vessels where weight is a concern, this is a MUST!


  1. Mast must be down before the truck arrives. All stays either removed or secured to the mast, if left on, stays could mark the mast. You could tape strips of carpet between mast and stays to prevent this.
  2. Turnbuckles should be taped together because vibration could cause them to loosen and fall off.
  3. Spreaders should be off or folded and secured. Please try to let your move coordinator know the length and number of the masts and the length and number of the booms or wishbones.


Boats with fly bridges MUST have the windscreens removed from the fly bridge. Sometimes because of height we will ask that the frame supporting windscreen be removed also.

Note: It may be necessary for you to remove props and/or rudders for travel purpose.

If you have a powerboat, sailboat or yacht in Miami, Naples, St Petersburg, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach or any other coastal city if Florida and you need it transported safely and securely anywhere in the United States including Maine, Michigan, North Carolina or Rhode Island, you should contact U.S. Boat Transport Inc. for a FREE quote today at 386-228-0006.